Thursday, February 9, 2012

2012 Update

Yesterday I worked a little on Chapter 2 (Fixed) of Out of the Ashes. I also worked briefly on Chapter 1 of Crossfire today.  Through the Dark is getting more added to it.  Right now I am on Schooling which is Chapter 9 so that will be post poned for a while though I have scanned the pictures of my childhood into my Books folder that will be included in the book.  I also wrote the titltes for the first fifteen books of One World children series which you can view on Silent Lair.  I haven't had much inspiration to write lately and honestly haven't felt like it.  I am still hoping to get Locked In into an ebook and get Broken Borders published sometime this year should finances permit Insha Allah.  Broken Borders was accepted for publication February 2008 but I chose instead to get Locked In published first.  Next month I will be renewing Silent Lair domain as it expires on April 16th 2012.