Thursday, September 29, 2016

Many Things

Many things have happened in 2016 that have kept me from remembering this blog.   For one, my publisher for Locked In changed to Breezeway Books and never sent me the copy of my PDF files for Locked In. I guess I waited too long to get the PDF files for my book.  I had to make a Create Space account where I will be publishing my books from now on most likely.   I am certainly not well known enough to get an agent of my own, nor do I have the money for such an endeavor.

I haven't felt like writing much and even though I have whittled my fan fiction down to two stories to concentrate on, I haven't worked much on them.   Which leads me into I haven't been working on any new books though I am going to try to republish Locked In via Create Space as well as publishing my future books there.   It works out for Locked In as there are some spelling mistakes I didn't catch originally, mainly the spelling of the city the Muslims flee towards in order to escape the Devil's Thorn and the events going on in the United States.

Early this morning, I created four new wolves for my Elemental Wolves book series which can be found on Silent Lair on the Elemental Wolves page and also my deviantart account, stormwolves.  My hope is to republish Locked In and get Broken Borders published by the end of 2016 Insha Allah, though of course that depends on money factors.